Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain...


A thunderstorm is upon us. I hope the phone and electricity stay on. Last week the storms here were intense, I lost my phone for several days, and the tallest lupine got flattened. Sitting at my desk today, I was cold and damp, and finally pulled out my sheepskin boots and lit a fire in the wood stove. Even Pasha cat decided his sheepskin rug was better than outside, he came in with all kinds of forest floor stuck to his tail. I won't complain too much, after all, days like these inspire my paintings. 

"Blue-Gray Sky"

I just got a pile of images back from the photographer, all of watercolors on paper. It is my most recent work. Actually, this work was made for a show last October, but the images didn't work the first time, so they all had to be re-shot through glass. They came out quite well, and though I'd rather be painting in the studio, I am needing to focus a bit on the business of art... wouldn't it be great if I loved that as much as painting and dreaming, listening to the sounds of the forest and teaching...!

"Violet-Yellow Sky"

I'm anxious to get through the business list and get back to painting. I can feel the bursting of new images inside me and the pull of my newly organized studio. But tomorrow I MUST get my oil changed, thank goodness I scheduled it on a day forecast to be rainy again. I have a hard time leaving the beauty of the forest when the sun shines and the trees caress me in their gentle dance with the wind. 

"Blue Evening"


  1. ( a long breath) thanks for the beautiful images. "blue evening" well it's filled with memory associations for me. it rained here today. quietly. gently. cold as silver strings of rain ran down my face as i rode my bike home. up the hill to rainy windows and a slick shiny driveway. steven

  2. so delighted I "found" you after you left a comment on my own site. Your paintings are marvelous - I am in western MA as well and have seen those very colors in the sky and the woods. You've captured the essence!

  3. The business side of art does not inspire me either but what can you do? Lovely misty paintings. Blue Evening is exactly the way it looks here at this very moment. I think we'v had our first snow fall of the season in the mountains a few miles away.

  4. Beautiful atmospheric paintings. x

  5. I really love these paintings... especially 'Rain', there is so much atmoshere in them, you can feel the moistened breeze and smell the earthy rain scent... very evocative...
    And I love your wet on wet technique...

  6. mmm, Steven, I can clearly imagine your ride...

    Pauline, yes, we're practically neighbors! Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback.

    Art Propelled, remembering that winter is upon you down there!! Happy art making and selling to you...

    Karen - thanks!

    lakhsmita indira- thanks for your enthusiasm!

    Swan Artworks- thanks! I'm anxious to begin another series of work. Soon, I hope!

  7. each and everyone is lovely. i agree, much easier to get things done when it is raining.

  8. I loved reading about your view about the rain. I find it inspiring too. Hope u didn't lose power.
    Your work is beautiful.

  9. Tammie Lee, thanks for the feedback!

    Carole - no luckily I didn't lose power or phone this time. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi, Valerianna--

    I found you through steven's blog and saw the video you recommended there about water. I saw it and loved it.

    Your blog speaks to me. Thanks.

    I'll be back!

  11. Hi Dan... thanks for stopping by... and, yes, fascinating water video, glad you watched it!

  12. Valerie,
    these paintings are just dreamy and fantastically inspiring:) Thanks for taking a peek at my blog, particularly since it has given me the pleasure of discovering your own!


  13. Your paintings are so beautiful and speak of a world filled with wonder. wouldn't it be fab if we could always be painting instead of having to do the business side of things. x

  14. Kaetlyn, thanks for visiting and glad you found my work inspiring!

    ruthie- yes, I guess I'm a bit idealistic at times. But today, our first day of warmth and full-on sunshine, I played hooky from art biz and worked in the garden all day!!

    acornmoon -thanks!


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