Monday, October 25, 2010

Drinking Color

Traveling from here to there I am drinking color.
 This fall it seems the trees are offering a celebration. 
I know they do every fall, but this year I find my spirit 
bowing in deep reverence to the magic of tree-color.  

On my trips to town for groceries, I pull the car over
and climb into the embrace of a forest gone wild. I
wish that photos could capture the exuberance inside 

I fall more in love with the land in this little town,
dressed up for the autumnal display. 

After a walk in the forest with Pasha, 
I sit under a hemlock and swim in a sea of gold.

I traveled north to Vermont to hang a show at the 
Bennington Arts Guild, stopping frequently 
along the way to photograph. 

An overcast day with muted greens and golds, 
and the mountain terrain of Southern Vermont.  

While driving, I felt as if I was at times within my own 
paintings, and took note of how after seven years of 
living here, the landscape is inside me. 

Driving home, I see a  familiar road anew,  
noticing how the gentler foothills invite a 
more intimate experience of the land.

As I turn onto the dirt road that winds up 
the hill to my home, I notice the raven, 
and that the big maple is almost 
undressed to her bones. 


  1. Wow, those forest colours are stunning! I love the transitions of nature, dawn, dusk, season, moon, birth, death...
    Your paintings feel like they're so much more than just observation, like you say - as if the landscape is within you, they feel as if painted that way, with connection and response...

  2. Hi Carrie- well, yes, they ARE within me. I paint from memory, wanting to filter out detail to get to the sense of place, not the detail of place. I rarely ever paint from observation, but I DO look a lot. I like that you picked that up from the work.....

  3. southern vermont! bigger hills, trees that look like the trees of home, the same kind of cool autumn goodness. when i see roads like that i want to be on my bicycle transported there. it's really good to have the inner and outer landscapes shared side-by-side-by-side valerianna. like the dialogue is somehow more complete that way! steven

  4. Photos that are beautiful and give me an impression of how magical nature must look and feel there where you live. You have captured that magic in your paintings Valerianna,even more by painting from memory,beautiful.

  5. you are as lovely as those wood nymphs.

    have a nice day Lady Raven,

  6. The beauty of the forest in fall... I always feel as if the leaves are giving off some of the sunshine they have gathered during the summer. Your paintings are like the essence of the forest.

  7. Food for the soul... Thank you so much I needed that.

    ~ Julie

  8. Your love for the trees and the nature around you is the essence of your art Valeriana. Just wonderful.

    I would love one day to visit New England and see a Fall just as spectacular as this one. We just don't get those colours en masse here in the UK.

    Thank you for sharing their majestic beauty.


  9. Es un blog muy colorido y bello sus imágenes son preciosas, saludos

  10. I can feel it... and what a feeling! Drinking in the colors of your post.

  11. steven - yes, I, too, am enjoying that dialog between inner and outer....

    renilde - thanks, I do believe that for me painting from memory really allows me to get at the magic.

    love is colder than death - oh yes, the raven is a magical being!

    stregata - I think that too - the fire of summer releasing with the leaves.

    Julie - that's how I've been feeling wandering around in this color... food for the soul, right on.

    Jeanne - oh, yes, do visit in fall, it is so astonishing. Even when it is supposedly NOT a good year, its still spectacular. For me a wonderful
    renewal happens after the heat of summer, preparing me for winter dark, which I also love for other reasons.

    Luz- gracias! y lo siento que no tengo el "font" correcto para escribir in Espanol, pero hablo Espanol... tengo practicar... porque nunca tengo opportunidades para conversar a presente. Tengo muy buen amigos de Argentina, y hablabamos mucho cuando estabamos vecinos...

    Art Propelled - Just hope you don;t get as drunk as I am, you might not get anything done!

  12. so very beautiful... just today i was thinking how i cannot believe that i inhabit a world filled with such incredibly beauty... it is almost a distraction... but so short lived... in that oxymoronic kind of way, fall feels so much more alive to me than even summer... i feel more alive perhaps... so glad you were able to be immersed in it...

  13. Hello!! Hugs from Sweden..!! You are great..!!
    I like.!! I can smell the leaves and the forrest in your paintings..Nice..!!
    I come back..


  14. Hi Marie- it is so unbelievable at times... such beauty, and yes, a distraction, but a delicious one!

    Roger- Thanks for Swedish hugs! And glad you enjoy my paintings. Your blog looks interesting, though my Swedish is not nearly as good as your English! I'll visit you again, too.

  15. Oh Valerianna, i so get that the feeling of the lanscape being within, it soaks into ur soul doesn't it! Wonderfully captured trees o your canvases, especially the botom one.

  16. awesome photos that capture the beauty of the season, as do your paintings! so glad you liked the video! ciao bella!

  17. oh yes, I can feel the land, the colors the seasons in you. And most certainly can see it in your art as well. Your images are gorgeous! We get mostly golds here when the colors change, the reds and purples get my eye. So lovely and lively. xx

  18. Thankyou for sharing these - have been discovering autumn fire recently too, feeding on the beauty. Love your words and your images.

  19. So beautiful.........your art, your words, the photographs, the "grand finale chorale" of the land. Thankyou........what you say about the land being inside your is eloquent, and true; for me, looking at these images, I know that the land is still inside of me, after all these years away from Vermont, still inside.

    Bright blessings at Samhain,

  20. Stunning, stunning photography. Thank you. Gilly

  21. The pictures do convey your happiness! They made me smile too. Isn't it wonderful to love being where you live?

  22. My, my you certainly do live and feel your environment.. beauty everywhere.. and the better that you love it so... it shows

  23. How very beautiful, we once visited Vermont in the summer. It was lovely then but I can see how magnificent it must be in Autumn.

  24. Beautiful photos- what a gorgeous place you in! No wonder you love it so much!

  25. your paintings are in such perfect rhythm!
    the mood is absolutely stunning ♥

    i woke up this morning singing this song
    and thinking of your stones.

  26. Beautiful trees, and your art captures the mystery of this season. I wanted to tell you that I posted about the land art I tried with my class! Thanks again for all you share. roxanne

  27. Hi all - I usually like to answer everyone's comments individually, but if I want to get a new post out today, I'll have to bulk respond. So,
    thanks for all the great responses! I love getting your comments. When I'm at school, far away from my magical forest, I love popping onto my blog and seeing home and reading your comments. Now I just need to set up a web cam so I can spy on Pasha to see if the pout he gives me when I'm off to school lasts all day or whether, in fact, he's happy watching the birds....

  28. Stunning! I think I have fallen in love with that landscape too. I can see it in your heart. I have linked this post to Sharing Treasure #3. I hope that is ok? xJ


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