Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Taking Flight

"Owl in Flight", 7x5", VClaff, 2012

The white ink on black paper drawings that started as experiments are becoming 
something I'm very intrested in. As I continuded exploring the ink, I began to see 
the subtle layering possibilities when the ink is used at different saturations. The
owl drawing above is one of the latest ones, with more of an understanding of  
the materials. I'm on a quest for the best paper to use, as I've pushed the limits 
of the drawing paper I was using. I think I've found a good option for my drawing 
process and am excited to try it out. The drawing, Barred Owl on Branchbelow, 
is one of the earlier ones, and you can see I'm just beginning to play with ink 

"Barred Owl on Branch", 7x5", VClaff 2012

The owls have found their way into my Etsy shop, and because this work is not 
in any of the galleries that represent me, I can offer them at reasonable cost. In fact, 
this is true of most of the work in my shop. To take a look, click here, especially 
if you need a place to spend holiday money! I'm happy to say that the Owl in Flight drawing is flying off to KD at Nomad Dreaming  to live. Her present post shares photos 
of a beautiful, arctic visitor... go take a look! 

 "Forest", VClaff 2012

 "Owl in the Night", 7x5"  VClaff 2012

 "Winter Owl", 10x8", VClaff 2012

I'm offering the two drawings below at a discount because there is slight buckling 
in the paper. They are archival and will be fine, especially if they are matted. 
They will fit in standard mats sized for an 8 x 10" image. These are two of my 
favorites so far and are leading me into the a deeper exploration with the ink. 
The drawings are $95.00 plus shipping. If you are interested, you'll find my email 
listed on my profile page, or leave a comment here with information on how to 
contact you. 

After most of the month with periods of icing and then warming, we now have 
a steady cold upon us. The pre-snow garden was beautiful in its frozen state. 

And I've noticed that I'm looking rather frosty, too, 
now that my hair matches my gray woolen cap. 

Tucked in there, under the frozen, bending 
hemlocks is the studio, see it?

After celebrating a lovely Solstice with a small group ritual in the studio, 
I raced off the following day to get my father at the airport. We had our 
traditional Christmas Eve dinner with my sister and her family - the roast beef, 
Yorkshire Pudding, and home-made busch de noel was well worth the long drive!
(well, and the presents, too!) Dad and I shared a cold Christmas reading and 
walking and being quiet by the fire. 

I gave Dad two of my newer paintings - always good to give 
flat gifts for those flying long distances!

The snows came just in time for Dad to have his once a year 
shoveling experience, just so he doesn't forget how to. 

There was lots more reading by the fire after that. 

And for some older furry ones, there was much watching
from the window. 

Below - subject of watcher. 

 We stopped at the family mausoleum on Dad's way back to 
the airport. Its an impressive building that I haven't seen  
since I was a small child. Mom is buried outside, she wanted 
earth and not stone. I spread lots of birdseed cause she was 
an avid bird-watcher just like the old furry one. 

Dropped Dad at my sister's for an early morning airport run.... 
here's a goofy, blurry photo, just in case you think that the mood around 
here is mostly like the last post, don't worry, there's plenty of the below stuff, too. 

Back in the hills, winter snows and cold have settled in. 
I've shoveled a lot since Dad left only a few days ago. 

After all the shoveling, I have a warm, furry laptop. Way 
more soothing than the shiny, aluminum kind! He stays just long enough, 
then heads to his little rug once I'm warmed up a bit. Luckily the fire doesn't 
really escape the wood stove, just the heat. 


the wild magnolia said...

So nice you can be with family at the holiday.

Your art is spectacular and I would love to become keeper of them. Since I am unable too do this, I wish them a very good loving home.

Your fur baby is living his dream, independent, and loving.

Valerianna said...

I know the feeling... if it weren't for art trades, I probably would only have my art around! My owls appreciate the well wishes... when and if they travel!

gz said...

beautiful owls.

A good way to round off the year and start anew.
Blessings Be

steven said...

valerianna . . . there's so much here of life, of death long passed, of the winter settling in, of christmas, of family, of the goodness of home. and then your artwork! such a wealth of presence!! steven

Carmine said...

Bone trees and ghost owls...wintry and a bit eerie. These owls feel like messengers from the Otherworld. I love this peek into how you explore and work. Happy new year to you, Valerianna, and to your furry familiar Pasha, who always makes me smile.

Valerianna said...

Its good to start something in the deep cold and dark... birthing is like that!

Valerianna said...

HI Steven - so much time between posts these days, so, then gotta pack it in, I guess!

Valerianna said...

The Pasha smiling seems to be going around. And I like Bone Trees and Ghost Owls- I wonder if they are messengers.

susan christensen said...

So nice to catch up with you and Pasha, V. We have had sleety rain all week since the bitter cold and snow of pre-christmas. The white ink work is so mysterious and lovely, like the winter itself. Best wishes for the new year, sus and ww

Tammie Lee said...

so wonderful to see your white ink art, each piece!

it looks as though your holidays were full of precious moments, the spirit of winter, frost and snow. Friends and family. I am so happy for you.

wishing you a grand 2013!

Hindustanka said...

Valerianna, I loved your drawings. The trees look translucent,and by the way, they are like this in your photos! you captured this feature so well.
your cat is so nice, i can imagine how Pasha walks among the cute!
Happy new year ahead!

Charlotte said...

A beautiful posting, it is lovely to hear you so positive. The black and white drawings are wonderful and evoke the spirit of the wood incredibly well. Here it to your New Year bringing a warmth of spirit and creativity.

The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

What a lovely post! It looks like you had a good, down to earth holiday time, healing and loving.
Beautiful Art for me to feast my eyes on, I love the work you do.
Blessings for the coming year Valerianna, and a hug for your og so faithful and loving Pasha.

Laura said...

loads of awesome picture...enjoyed seeing you world and you a creative New Year!

Rowan said...

So many lovely images, I love the photo of your dad reading by the fire. I also like the owl drawings especially 'Winter Owl'. The white on black evokes the spirit of winter perfectly.

Mo Crow said...

oh these are beautiful love the contrast of the detailed owl in flight with the washes but brrrr you have some serious cold happening there!

india flint said...

best kind of laptop.

Valerianna said...

Well, we're in the bitter cold thing here, you must have sent it our way!! (which is, I think how it travels!) About to stoke up the fire well, brew a cup of chai with steamed milk and settle into a film. Happy New Year!

Valerianna said...

Thanks, Tammie - I'm looking forward to much more studio time this year!!

Valerianna said...

Interesting, Hindustanka, I must look at the trees in my photos. Pasha is very fun to walk with in the forest. I'll take a video of our next snow shoe and you can see for yourself!

Valerianna said...

Thank you, Charlotte, I wish you a wonderfully warm and inspiring new year as well :)

Valerianna said...

If Pasha ever surfaces from his after dinner nap, I'll be sure to hug him for you! Many blessing to you in this year, too.

Valerianna said...

Thank you, Laura, thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed the visit!

Valerianna said...

As my feet freeze tonight for some reason, I wonder if I'm invoking a little too much winter with those owls and bare, white branches!

Valerianna said...

Yes... some very cold weather. Going to be very cold again tonight. Off to stoke the fire! And that is something I want to play with more in the drawings - the detail vs. the color fields - or in this case the white or grayish fields!

Valerianna said...

Definitely, though I do love my mac, just not as fully and immensely as the furred one.

over the rainbow said...

Hi Valerianna.....I am new to your blog....and am entranced. Last night for the first time I heard an owl outside my door. I live in the high desert, not many trees or high places to roost here. Seeing your owls were an affirmation. Your work is beautiful.

Valerianna said...

Welcome to RavenWood! Such a gift to hear owls. I heard one nearby last night, too. Oh, the high desert, such a different kind of place with its own magic... wishing you more owl calls and a few good sightings as well!!

Trish said...

Wow, your ink work is amazing Valerianna. I love it.
Wishing you love, light and laughter.x

Lynn said...

What a beautiful, heartwarming post.
Glad there were laughs and silliness too.
Your white on black works are magic.
Wishing you much magic and wonder, beauty and creativity for the year.

ArtPropelled said...

It's not often that we hear an owl in our built up area but we do hear a few every year (usually for 3 or 4 nights in a row)and it's always thrilling. Your owl in flight is spectacular!

Valerianna said...

Hi Trish - Have a great 2013... wishing you all the same plus much inspiration.

Valerianna said...

Thanks, Lynn, you, too!!

Valerianna said...

Interesting that you get a yearly owl visitor who stays around for a few days, makiing itself known - a blessing!

saskia said...

what a full post, the owl/tree paintings are amazing; I'm slowly seeing the world through your eyes, the watercolours and the photo's of your part of the world and the owls and trees in black and white all 'breathe' your vision, it is a wondrous thing to share!

Valerianna said...

I like the idea of "breathing vision... I'll sit with that thought a while!

Karen said...

Beautiful work Valerianna. I love to listen to the owls. Yesterday I spent some hours out in the garden as the rain had disappeared and I heard a woodpecker. Happy New Year to you and Pasha x

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

All, here. Good. so really really Good.
the shift, one reality to the other was something to
feel. Thank You for this. it's the way It Is.

Valerianna said...

Hi Karen - I love hearing woodpeckers, too. Fun rhythms in the forest!

Valerianna said...

Hi Grace - I wonder if I shift between realities often... that might explain things!

Penny Berens said...

What a beautiful family of owls and a lovely visit from your Father.

Caterina Giglio said...

always nice to have time to spend with family and such a cozy time as well...
I am happy to see that the owl totem has come thru for you after the wolves at the door, it is such good protection... xx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

what a wonderful post~ I love the way you paint trees.....