Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seeds, nests, and the balance of light and dark....

Thinking nests on the Vernal Equinox....

Thinking about nests and eggs as I watch the snows melt and mark the day of equal night and equal day with ritual. RavenWood had a small gathering today to celebrate the Spring Equinox. We had a lovely cleansing ritual with flower petaled water, gentle winds from turkey, grouse and seagull wings, and soothing crystal bowl and voice toning. Very healing. We ended our circle out on the land with a gathering of excited chickadees, the calls of the barred owls and the afternoon raven who seems to be here many days in a certain tree, right nearby, deftly concealed by hemlocks and shadows. I feel renewed and blessed by many open hearts and loving, healing hands and voices. One circle sister was blessed to witness hawks mating in a tree today... now THAT"S something! The wheel is now turning towards the light. Time to buy seeds and clean up branches and leaves as the snows finally recede bit by bit, day by day. Happy spring!

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