Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stalking bubbles in the driveway and bear tracks in the snow

"Spring Rain" watercolor available from the Mulford Gallery in Rockland, Maine

I'm remembering that in October, for my birthday, I had a bulb planting party. I've lived here since 2003 and have been planting gardens ever since. There was a small shady garden by the side of the house when I arrived- lily of the valley and irises and such- but not much. Surely not the home of an overly enthusiastic if not obsessed gardener like myself. The original garden has become the moss garden, with much to be said for allowing what was already there to expand. But this year, for the first time, I will have spring bulbs.

Not like me at all to be thinking about spring flowers while still buried in snow, though spring equinox IS just next week. I am more like a bear in winter who wants to keep dreaming into the internal mysteries until the warmth finally pulls me out. I'm one part bear, and one part snowshoe hare I imagine as nothing could be more to my liking than a snow shoe in the quiet flakes of an afternoon storm. But spring is definitely coming to the forest. Today, my Pasha cat was outside stalking bubbles springing from the wet gravel driveway. I always forget this activity from year to year, but it keeps him active for hours. Very soon the bird feeders will need to come inside as the bears will be out and about. If I don't remove the feeders in time, I'll have an inky black visitor mangling yet another one, and a lovely collection of tracks in the melting snow.....