Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down into the well....

Window altar

I've just returned from breakfast with a dear friend at the Strawbale Cafe, just a little down the hill in Westhampton. My social event for the day before sitting down and the computer to write up a grant proposal. I'm gearing up for that... and wanted to write a quick post as I settle into the day of work in my nest. Its a cold, rainy and dark day, perfect for cozying up with a cup of tea and writing about my heart's desire and life's work. Little by little I move toward the work. 

The wood stove is burning away today, heating my little home. I took a few photos of the fire one recent morning mindful that soon the hearth and heart of my home will be put to rest for the summer. Already the burning is sparse, a few chilly mornings or a cold and damp day as today. Sometime today, on a break from writing, I'll need to bring in some wood to fill the wood box near the stove as this morning I used all but a couple logs. 

Meet my "Greenman" who hangs on my little porch, about to whisper some wisdom he has gleaned from going deep inside his magical soul. I used to have access to a kiln... would like to again someday.....

"Afternoon Storm", watercolor, 
available through the Mulford Gallery, link on right. 

I'll leave you with a painting that feels like today.... I'm off to make a cup of tea - another step in my preparations for writing - as I surely don't need more caffeine after copious coffee refills at breakfast! Its like this for me.... getting ready to complete an important bit of business, one that requires skill and clarity.... I ease myself into the work at hand in a gentle slide from the exterior world, over the side of the deep stone well, to the dark, mysterious inner cauldron where intuition and creativity breed like algae. Down I go!


  1. Ravenwood Forest...and Oberon's that sounds like a well matched marriage :0)(I suppose it's a tree thing)

    Lovely to meet you...

  2. Yes...Oberon Wood and RavenWood... good sounding pair. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Browsing through your blog feels like a walk through the forest. I keep thinking of Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

  4. Lovely to get some nice morning comments (morning here in the US...) I'm sitting in class watching my art students work away at their final projects... Thanks for the reminder about Prodigal Summer ! Its been on my list for a while, I'll remember to read it this summer.


I love reading your comments and sometimes I'm good at responding right away, sometimes not! Glad you had a wander here, I hope you found the mossy path soft on your feet and heard the call of the Raven.