Friday, April 23, 2010

Textural tidbits and beyond a tangle of laurel...

Yesterday's walk was a blessing after the whole day of grant writing at my computer! It was a slow amble, enjoying the occasional tree frog song, one of my favorite forest sounds. 
It was a day to notice the small details;
 colors and textures, 
patterns of light on bark....

Wounds on a beech tree looking like runes...

A little magical clearing, 
 beyond a tangle of laurel.
An enchanted gathering of mosses,
and entrances to underworld mysteries,  
where curious cats explore....

   and blur...
  though not his feathery,
 swishing tail.

Did he slip for a moment between the veils? 
No you say... 
just a moment of motion and light 
and digital cameras and such.
hmmmm, I wonder....

The long shadows of late afternoon....

and sacred circles, 
a map of the inner life of a tree -
a tree going back to earth.


  1. i enjoyed walking with you throught the magical woods, such peaceful places. i feel the need for such a walk here. thank you too for the beautiful words u left on mu blog, blessings x

  2. I love finding such interesting little things when I'm walking in nature. Thank you for the inspiring pictures.

  3. Rutie- Thanks for stopping by my blog... glad you enjoyed your wander through RavenWood... hope you get a good walk in over the ocean there!

    M.M.E - Glad you are inspired. As a newbie to blogging, I can;t believe it took me so long to find out about all the great inspiration out there!

  4. What lovely photographs. I am not only impressed, but envious! Best wishes

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Laurie!

  6. Hi Valerianna,
    I've just found your blog and so glad I did! (I'm very new to blogging too!)
    I love your watercolours and your sculptures, they all very much speak to me...I also love the great photos of the beautiful woods you live in - another thing that greatly appeals to me!
    I will enjoy popping by from time to time :)
    Best wishes
    Carrie... (Windsongs & Wordhoards)

  7. Hello Valerianna

    Thank you for the link, your site is a joy and your watercolours are amazing.


I love reading your comments and sometimes I'm good at responding right away, sometimes not! Glad you had a wander here, I hope you found the mossy path soft on your feet and heard the call of the Raven.