Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blessings of flowers on the first of May...

A blessing of flowers on the first of May. 
These amazing yellow tulips have petals that look as though someone gave them a beautiful watercolor wash. I was reminded of the huge flower paintings by Georgia O'Keefe and understood her work in a new way after spending some intimate time photographing. 

Up before the dawn this morning and off to the gorge to throw ol' man winter over the cliff to be carried away by the river. Before light, the local Morris Dancers put on their bells to dance in the May... the children carried the stick effigy of old man winter down the rocky path to the high cliffs over the water. After singing May songs and passing the whiskey 'round the circle, we trudged back up the hill to dance the Maypole. Two shots of whiskey on an empty stomach at 5am is a bit much for someone who never drinks even wine I learned! Not that I was drunk, just a little queasy. I stayed behind the throng to sing my own prayers to the rushing river - and thank the cottontail for crossing my path in the wee hours of Beltane morn'. I'm sure that must be a good omen! 

As the circle danced the May pole, I heard the squawk of a large raven flying by. I was shooting video at the time, so caught the raven on film, and her lovely, throaty shrieks. I cut the film down to just a bit of May pole weaving and raven calls, but, alas, my posting page doesn't seem to have a film upload button..... so, won't be able to share that just yet! An early morning of good omens I believe - a rabbit, a black cat on my drive to the river, and a raven adding her voice to the Beltane celebration. 

As a collection of my followers are from the UK, here's proof we're
 keeping the rituals of our ancestors alive in New England. 
Happy May day and abundant blessings of harvest this year....


stregata said...

Thanks for stopping by! Ravenwood forest is a very enchanting place!

joanne May said...

Hi Valerianna,
May Day blessings to you!:)
Your Spring flower images are stunning. They look so fresh and beautiful. It's good to see you do the traditional Morris dancing in the US, to celebrate Springtime.

Best Beltane wishes.
Lovely to see you at my place.

Jo May.:)

Valerianna said...

Stregata- thanks to YOU for stopping by, glad you found RavenWood enchanting... I do living here!

Joanna- glad you like the flower images. I have a new camera- my first ever digital - and I'm amazed at the amazing detail I get achieve. And I do see things differently after I've taken such detailed photos, its a great practice in seeing.

Celestial Elf said...

Beautiful Post thank you:D
thought you might enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film
Bright Blessings
elf ~