Monday, May 21, 2012

Books, Fairs & Woodland Wonders

example books 

Long ago and far away, I posted every week! I often hear myself saying - soon, my life will calm down as studio set-up projects are completed. I'm praying it does! I'm in much need of some dreaming time... but because of all the work, many, many projects are COMPLETE. The web site is mostly done, just tweaking it. The brochure for the studio is out and about and flyers for classes and events. There is a schedule of RavenWood summer retreats and workshops on the web site, and loads more about the many things I do that I don't necessarily share here in depth. And there is now a portal to the studio web site in the sidebar...

I'll be teaching a six week class beginning June 14, Thursday mornings, 10-12:30 

  • "Forest Forms & Fractals - Drawing, Mixed-Media and Nature Books in the Woodlands" for full details, click here.

If you are not local, but not too far away, there are several Saturday retreats and workshops starting on June 23 with: 

  • "Nurturing the Wild Woman/ Into The Sacred Grove ~ A day of healing in the forest" 
  • For a full list of retreats and workshops, click here ~ 

*There are a few wonderful places to stay right up the road that will offer specials to folks coming to RavenWood. 

I had a table for RavenWood at the Hilltown Spring Festival a few Saturdays ago. It 
was a beautiful, sunny day, the first one after a slew of rainy ones. I felt as though 
I had come out of the forest for the first time in months...

My table was in view of the center green where my friend, Beth, had a gathering 
of her puppets right before the Maypole dance. She did a beautiful, yet haunting 
piece about a polar bear trying to jump from iceberg to iceberg. Every successful 
jump got loads of cheering from the audience - a wonderful, engaging performance. 

Having a table at the festival prompted me to go into the studio for several days 
of bookmaking - to have examples on hand of what students might make in my class. 
What a blissful week of making! I continue to find immense joy being in my new 
space, and look forward to the completion of the REST of the necessary tasks before 
I will have regular time there. But there was that week!

I often teach bookmaking in my classes, but haven't made many books myself 
for years. Finally I had the opportunity to make a book that has been stewing 
inside me for years! "Branching" might be the start of a series like this.. we'll see 
when I get back in there! These were all made mostly as examples of the kinds of 
simple and sometimes sculptural bookbinding I incorporte in my teaching, and so 
some of the drawings were done mostly as filler. Some I like. The book of Patterns 
for example, is one that I made from pasting older drawings into the book. 

 "Branching", VClaff, 2012
"Patterns", VClaff, 2012

"Patterns - inside", VClaff 2012

 Book of Patterns - other side

A book of Drawings

 Inside "Drawings" 

And last, the Woodland Book:

Inside the "Woodland Book": 

The reverse "bleed" side 

 Things are greening up after a cycle of rains. Below is the view towards the house and 
old studio from the new studio steps, and a small wander around the forest and garden. 

A bit of attitude from dear Pasha cat...? We are relaxing on a bench looking at 
the mounds of red clover that completely took over the garden. It has since been 
weeded resulting in a pile up to my chest of moslty clover - no kidding . Some of
it was left in spots to harvest for tea. 

Amazing colors and patterns of the moths that collect by the 
front door offer much visual inspiration.

and the most magical of all... the Luna Moth. As I write, there is one
clinging to the front light. He's been here for a few days, fluttering at 
the screens by night, clinging to the house for the days. Such a short 
life, but, such beauty...