Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Slow Shifting

work in progress, 15 x 22", VClaff 2013 
I'm quiet today... as the cold stillness settles into the forest, the last of the golden 
leaves spiraling to the white-dusted ground. In the studio, the paintings glow 
with a deeper yellow-orange, as I attempt to capture the extraordinary luminosity 
of late October and early November. I imagine soon there will be a shift in the work in 
response to the slowly transforming woodlands. 

work in progress, 15 x 22", VClaff 2013

"October Tree", watercolor, 10x 8", VClaff 2013

Looking at the pinboard, I see the seasons shifting from winter to spring, to summer 
to fall. 

Things get rather chaotic on the worktable when I'm painting. 
Below is the completed "Beechwood" which I posted a photo of before 
 in process here in case you're interested in seeing how things develop. 

"Beechwood", watercolor, 15"x22", VClaff 2013
The painting below, along with a number of other small watercolors, are now 
listed in my Etsy Shop. The galleries I work with don't seen interested in smaller 
works these days, so I am able to offer the small work at very affordable prices. 
A number of people have asked about purchasing work over the last few months, 
but were on limited budgets. I really wanted to create a body of smaller works
that many more people could afford. Take a peek HERE at my shop. Or find 
the Etsy showcase down below there in the sidebar and follow the link!

"October Sky", watercolor, 8" x 11", VClaff 2013
Pasha is really showing his elder years with this season's cold temperatures. He is 
in and out of the studio and on top of the gas heater for a warm-up when inside. 
I've been feeling intense grief now and again as this little cat-love-of-my-life is 
changing. He may decide he might like to follow my mother to the other side soon. 
Its a lot of grief to stack on top of the other, and sometimes my heart just breaks. 

I'll leave you with images of my walks and wanders - the forest 
of my inspiration and the most spectacular November skies.