Friday, May 6, 2016

A Space to Breathe

"A Morning with Thrush Song" watercolor on paper, 15"x22", VClaff, 2016

 Rainy, dark days have taken root for a week now, the forest is murky, holding tight to shadows gathered at the trunks of drooping conifer boughs. Fires burn in winter-worn hearths, the smoke settling low, unable to rise above 
heavy mists. 

"Swamp, Mists & Peeper Songs", 22" x30", VClaff, 2016

I startled a bit to see how long it has been since I've come to share here, 
its been a long and somewhat challenging school year. Teaching is always 
rewarding, but I'm doing more of it and was feeling rather worn-out. With 
my commitments at school done this week, I am finding space again. 

"A Scent of Ferns" watercolor on paper, 15"x22", VClaff, 2016

My winter schedule was Monday through Wednesday teaching,Thursday and 
Friday in the studio. If I had to continue, Saturdays were spent in the studio as 
well. It was fruitful. Seeds that were planted in some of the paintings in the previous 
post have matured into work that feels close to capturing the deeply storied 
places I wander.

"A Place for Dreaming" watercolor on paper, 15"x22", VClaff, 2016

Just today I gathered up the paintings here from the framer, 
and tomorrow they will head off to a show at the NESTO Gallery at 
Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts. The show opens Friday, May 13, and
features a small group of alumni. If you are in the area, come by! For 
information about the gallery and directions, follow the link here.

"Water's Edge" watercolor on paper, 15"x22", VClaff, 2016
 Always at the meeting of a deadline, as work is collected from the framer, 
a pause to gather myself is needed. It has been a week of endings as groups 
gathered around the world to welcome in the spring, I said goodbye to a particularly inspiring group of students, and my new workheads off into the world for a time. A horribly neglected garden needs my attention, and some quiet dreaming 
beside the unfurling ferns is planned. 

In case you are wondering about Rhu Bear... he is doing well, monitoring 
my movements in the studio when I am there, and greeting me at the door to the 
house when I return from my travels, expecting belly rubs, of course.