Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Good Day for a Giveaway!

The day is fading from sunshine to overcast, but the 
rusty beech trees keep the forest aglow even without the sun.

It is a good day for a giveaway! 
I used a random number generator, 
instead of a hat,
and the winner of the 
small watercolor is: 
Caterina Giglio 

So, Cat, email me at valerianna at verizon dot net and
let me know where to send your painting!

And, on a final note, its looking a lot like this around here:

I finished stacking wood yesterday (though with another cord I would 
feel better about my stash) which means that I have a day open for the studio. 
I'll ignore the piles and piles of leaves that need to be moved for now, 'cause 
the oak leaves are still hanging on... and go dream with paint and brush 
and some magical music to set the scene. And maybe I'll convince 
Pasha to leave his fireside rug to join me 
in the studio... 
well, its a big maybe. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Glorioius Glow in the Forest

"Forest Glow", watercolor, 15" x 22", VClaff 2013
The turning beech leaves infuse the forest with the most astounding golden 
glow. I can hardly contain myself as I wander in the forest, gasping at every turn... 
the lines from a song running around inside me as I overflow with joy at the 
miraculous color. How can I keep from singing? In the studio, I attempt to capture 
something of the color and feeling of this autumnal magnificence. 

"Forest Glow 2", watercolor, 15" x 22", VClaff 2013
October completes another year of life for me, as yesterday was my 50th birthday, 
and also a year since my mother's death on the 16th. As I deepen into myself, 
I feel the completion of an intense cycle. A few months after my mother's death, 
my work shifted from the expansive ridge top paintings, to the deep mystery of the 
forest. The richness of this shift for me is profound, and continues to offer 
endless inspiration and possibilities to explore in paint here amongst the trees.

The washes below become the following two paintings. 

"Beechwood", watercolor - in process, 15" x 22", VClaff 2013
"Beechwood in Autumn", watercolor, 15" x 22", VClaff 2013

I continue to explore with small studies, 
a process I find extremely useful in developing this work. 

"Autumnal Forest", small watercolor,  VClaff 2013
"Three Trees on a Hummock", small watercolor, VClaff 2013

Clearly the colors of the autumn forest have infused my work, 
and the rusting beech trees have consumed the house. 
(there really IS a house in there)

Mystery is not far from the door... 
yesterday I turned and looked out the back door of the studio 
to see a tree-spirit peering back at me. Do you see him in the 
base of the hemlock tree?

Last but not least, in honor of all that I am grateful for, 
I want to give away this very small watercolor. 
Please leave a comment if you would like 
to win this wee, autumnal painting. 
I'll put your name in a bowl, and announce 
the winner next Saturday, October 26.

Oh, and you might want to know that RavenWood Forest has a
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