Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Shifting

Almost a month has passed since last I posted here. The snows finally melted, 
and warmer weather has come - but just barely. April did not bring lots of rain, 
and the wood stove was still burning for much of it. I have little work to show 
you - the last weeks of teaching seemed more demanding than usual, and then 
grading and ill friends to worry about and on and on. I've been unsettled with life
demands, many errands and paperwork, and have not had my usual diligent studio
schedule. The pinboard was cleared except for a few pieces that I want around to 
inform my next paintings, work that I'm interested in knowing better. 

I did get a few days work in and made a three panel painting. Its the middle piece 
in the image below. I was happy with the first layer, but not so with the next. 
Working quickly over the whole expanse went well at first, but I didn't take in 
the whole piece visually when I added the next layer. Having had some time away 
from it, its not as terrible as I thought, but it lacks the nuances of the two pieces 
above it that I am quite interested in. I suppose its time to buy a large roll of 
paper - the challenge might well have been from painting on three sheets together 
as opposed to one large one. 

Below is first wash layer, it had a lot of potential, oh well. 

I had some final details completed in the studio that, though seemingly small, 
finished off the space nicely. The plan had always been to put posts in the 
entry to separate it from the rest of the space. I'm happy with the results. A 
few more details - some coat hooks (natural branches is the plan) and a larger 
bulletin board, and the entry will be complete. When I am in there now, I feel 
something in the energy of the space has shifted, and I am needing to re-settle 
once a few important tasks are accomplished next week. 

With a wonderful new wooden post to play with, I got right to work, banging 
nails for brushes and hanging a lovely little plant-dyed silk bag made by Velma 
that my friend, Donna, sent me. They met at a bookarts fair in Maine where Velma 
was a vendor, what fun! The bag is hanging with some dried plants from last season.

A few more wonderful gifts have arrived in the mail, but I just realized I don't have 
photos of them yet. I am continually grateful for this blogging community... as I 
look around the studio, I see little cards, sculptures, pictures, poems, seedpods, 
notes and all kinds of inspiration from all of you. I had no idea when I began blogging 
a few years ago that there WAS such an inspiring, generous and amazingly gifted 
community waiting for me... thank you! Waaay back when I reached 300 followers 
I wanted to do another giveaway, now that number has climbed to 365. So, I hope 
to get something together soon to pay forward the generosity. 

The next images are out and about and in the forest, but just this week the leaves 
have come out and the ferns are unfurling. Wish me luck in selling a few things I've 
inherited - which will mean that I can focus on being a full-time artist this summer, 
and maybe not feel financially strapped for a change! I hope to be back after next 
week with good news to share and continuing with the new work. I wonder how the 
spring-green forest will influence the images?

Coltsfoot - flowers first, then the leaves. 

I took a few photos of myself in the forest to use for bios. 
From intense forest woman to more inviting - both useful.

Life is good for Pasha, long days outside and good naps on 
the porch make him a very contented kitty.