Monday, June 11, 2012

Woodland Wander and The Spring of Many Luna Moths

Wandering out of the studio door, I am gently hushed as the stories of the morning 
fall like leaves to the soft forest floor. My traveling companion beckons me to the 
fallen hemlock with a glance and a swish of his feathery tail. 

Closeby, a hermit thrush sings his magnificient song, while the calls of the tree frogs
transport me to another realm. Pasha is content to stroll along the mossy trunk while 
I bend low to greet a fellow wanderer.  

Small bands of travelers duck under sticks and clamber up steep mossy inclines on 
the way to somewhere. 

I munch a few new hemlock needles, the citrusy, tangy taste staying with me for a long while. 

One small mushroom gets my attention... all alone on the edge of a cliff. 

Orange and green is a theme today, so unlikely yet exactly suited for here. 

Thought I'd share a bit of our walk... 

Back in the clearing, the California Poppies are another orange focal point,  

while the tiny geraniums add a touch of pink. 

Further afield at the river, a stone face magically appears to me, 

while the enchantment of the evening is offered by the luna moths.

I send the magic and healing of the forest creatures to my mother, who is recovering from surgery in the hospital. (feel better Mum!) Just at the moment I type this, a luna moth begins to flutter at the screen behind me. I have never had so many luna moths in one season. They gather, three at a time at the front door or careen around the windows in the evenings. I shut off the light in hopes they will wander off to the woodlands, to hide away amongst the green leaves and sweeping hemlock boughs.