Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quietly Tending

"Blue-Gray Morning" watercolor, 11"x15", VClaff, 2017

Here I am, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, after so many months. 
Spring is coming, some flowers are up, especially in the woodland garden. 
Today it is damp and raw and rainy, cold enough for a morning fire. 

"Afternoon" watercolor, 5"x10", VClaff, 2017

I've been busy this year, tending to my inner world that was rocked by the 
outer world and the new reality here in the United States. There is a lot to process. 
My studio has been a sanctuary, and the act of creating a refuge. I've been quiet, 
and my work - or myself inside my work - has emerged a bit from the deep forest to 
stand at the edges. Open spaces beyond the trees are visible - distant ridges, fields 
and ponds. I've been spending a lot of time with the reflections of trees and skies in 
water, and experimenting a bit with white watercolors. 

"At the Edge of the Woods" watercolor, 10"x10", VClaff, 2017

"Birches" watercolor, 5"x10", VClaff, 2017

"Snow on Pond" watercolor, 8" x10", VClaff, 2017

"Marsh Sunrise" watercolor, 7.5" x11", VClaff, 2017

March marked Rhu's third circle around the sun... he's been great company, 
as mischievous as ever, keeping me on me on my toes.

 We had a day-long visit from a barred owl, as friendly as ever. 
She watched the day unfold with one cracked eye as she snoozed on her perch.

I hope to be here more often as my days will soon open up when classes end 
tomorrow and I won't be off three days a week to teach. I appreciate 
a few followers who reached out to let me know they missed my posts
and to check to see that I was ok. In a world gone slightly mad, acts of 
kindness swell the heart.