Saturday, April 16, 2011

Water & Stone

Over fields it comes - the sound of rushing water - winding through lichen-covered
trunks, silvery branches and mossy stonesI bend to earth to free tulip shoots from beneath a dense layer of oak leaves, images of spiraling whirlpools, fast moving 
water and smooth, rounded stones dancing in my imagination. 

The water calls to me, to share in spring exuberance. Deep muddy ruts make
the road to the swimming hole almost impassable, and a new log here and there - 
remnants of recent torrential rains. 

Winter ice flows and the spring melt have re-arranged the beach. The wind is calm, 
but the river's rushing dictates the excited mood down here. 

Once the river turns the bend, the banks widen, the water slows and begins a gentle  meander towards the gorge. I am fascinated with what's below and how the light 
moves on the water's surface. 

Wandering the beach, I fill a bag with stones, trying to hum the overtone I 
hear the river singing. Light, water and flow patterns fill me with wonderings. 

Back in the moss garden, patterns marked on stones echo the forces that 
shaped them, before a giant plucked them from the shore and spirited them 

The forest emerging from winter shares the flow patterns, but not the pace. 
Slow growth and emerald greening is a quiet contrast to the distant rushing river 

Deep in the woodlands, still water collects in pools, and asks me to 
sit and reflect a while. 

I am grateful for winter's generous snow-offering this year, a few piles still 
cling to shady northern spots around the yard. Finally, though, it seems that 
spring has sprung. 

I've been in a mad dash to clear away the leaves, as many of the tulips pierced 
right through them, strangling themselves until I released them from bondage. 
They are a bit dented in places from plowing through on their reach for the light, 
but, I muse, aren't we all? 

Post script: I've listed several sets of "Ancient Whisper Stones" from my river 
journey in my Etsy shop, including the ones shown above. They are packed with 
a bit of forest moss and magic and waiting to bring some spring flow to you or 
your garden. 


steven said...

valerianna in a post ripe with the unfurling of all of spring's flags, i am mesmerized and happy to let the day drift away in reflecting on the photographs of light dancing on the water. it's so amazing to be able to let yourself skim across the surface of spring and then dive right in. steven

Tammie Lee said...

your spring looks much like ours... so much.
your patterns are lovely as can be.
and your photos show the magic of the season.
Thank you.

Ms. said...

How inspiring....I'm headed out to Utah, up the high mountain for a week with a friend, and I will be on the lookout for stones. The week is also designed to withdraw my over worked brain from the constant computer based diversion that occupies too much of my time here in NYC. I have pre-prepared post for the blog (http// through the 20th which marks day one of my six day meditative trip. Be well. I so love these posts from you. There will be much to catch up on when I return on the 26th.

Judy Martin said...

Beautiful post, Valerianna.

The flow spiral work you have added to the stones is simple and pure.

mairedodd said...

i can hear the water, how i love the sound of rushing water, moving air... the new green of spring is delicate and yet so tenacious... a time of beginnings and endings - the cycle ever so evident especially at this time... thank you for sharing your world and your work...

Dreaming Woods said...

such a magical forest pond!! I feel the faery magic in your forest and how nourishing it must be to live in there.

Lecte said...

So nice to read about leaves already green and water already flowing - I could hear the sound of the river while reading the post. Here, the trees are still bare, and the sea in hibernation, but the birds are singing madly, urging the spring to hurry and unfold.

Unknown said...

I am really captivated by the water patterns you have captured with your lens, V. So glad spring is happening in The Forest at last! Best wishes from your double Pisces, river lover, water worshiper, spiral path wanderer friend, sus

Velma Bolyard said...

you found a woven stone! and so many many beautiful sights, i love especially the underwater mysteries. my woods is loud with spring unfurlings and waterings... thanks for reminding me to look and listen

bb said...

I can breathe in the delight of this river !!! Thank you, Valerianna.

Unknown said...

So beautifully written ~ there is so much in the woods to delight. I thought I was in for the night, but you have inspired me to perhaps go for a stroll before the light fades and absorb the signs of spring.

April Jarocka said...

What an enchanting place to come...such beautiful photos. I adore your tree sketches. All the best from Ireland!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I can hardly wait for the snow to clear here. A few more weeks...

Wishing you much joy,

Karen said...

Good to see that Spring has arrived for you and your beautiful forest Valerianna. Thanks for sharing your magical photo's and creations. I'm also entranced by the silent dancing lights on water. I could sit and watch all day. :) x

Valerianna said...

steven- I'm definitely diving into the imagery and even the mosses, but I think I will wait to dive into the water, a few months!

Tammie- thanks, I do love the spring ebb and flow, back and forth easing the way into warmth....

Ms - hope you're retreat is wonderful and that you find a few good stones. Utah is a great place for stones!

Judy - thanks... it is sometimes hard to hit it just right. For these few stones, I did, I think, though I have a pile that didn't quite do it. Luckily I like them even still, but I do have my favorites.

mariedodd - Its like the season breathes in and out... and then one day it sticks.

Robin and the Sage - I DO find it nourishing to live here, though at a certain time in July I get sunflower envy.... but right now, when the mosses are bursting and beautiful and there is plenty of sunshine because the branches are still bare, its almost its most beautiful. I say this and then in summer I think the same thing... !

Lecte- I;ve been enjoying waking up with golden sunrises and robin songs... I do love spring birdsongs!

sus - I think spring will be coming in all of a sudden. We slid back into winter this past weekend with sleet and cold, but today, a bit warmer.. who knows when it will stick for good.

Velma- ha! Yes, so I did! I didn't even realize that, thanks for pointing it out... a woven stone. I like them.

Stille Linde - You're welcome, I, too, was delighted by the river.

Brooke - Glad to inspire an evening meander, I am often called out by Pasha for one last walk in the garden. I like the last rays time as we call them....

April- thanks, and thanks for visiting. I imagine you're way further along in springiness than we are here!

Zuzu - Ah yes, the mountains. We're later than most places in Massachusetts with the melting, but there are always others who are behind, I sometimes forget that!

Karen - Oh yes, water can be sooo incredibly mesmerizing. I love going when no one is at the river and singing to it... there are many hidden sounds the river makes in response, really, quite magical!

Donna Iona Drozda said...

Such a beautifully refreshing meander through your sanctuary of stone and wood and water.

Maybe spring has sprung indeed.

Kim said...

Spring is such a dynamic season.... even the slow majesty of the mosses shows fervor this time of year, pushing heads up, looking for prospective mates. We don't notice it much, but it's there. At least in my area these days. And the water.... the water. So beautiful.

Penny Berens said...

The sounds of Spring..Spring spiralling into growth. Ah the breath of Spring. Thank you Valeriana. your words and pics are wondrous.

Barry said...

V-what can we say about flowing water - mesmerising and energising - so many changing patterns - good to take the time to capture its moods and patterns, B

yew tree nights said...

What a great, watery, and fresh-feeling post! Spring after a winter of heavy snows is a very fine thing, I miss those.

Valerianna said...

Donna - We slid quite quickly back into late winter this week! Cold, very windy yesterday with snow flurries! But, I do think spring will come soon, all of a sudden as it sometimes does in these parts!

Kim - It seems so gentle, but, yes, spring is so dynamic, especially in New England.

Penny - thanks!

Barry - I find that the camera allows me a closer look at things. Where I might sit and be mesmerized by water, now I am more engaged and see more details in the patterns as I contemplate what will emerge in the photos - its fascinating, really, how the camera helps me see better!

jodi- There truly is a gift in being well-blanketed in snow for a season.... the contrast to the other seasons so incredible. It helps me to find- and surrender to - slower rhythms of my own.

Acornmoon said...

Happy Easter Valerianna, maybe you will make a spiral pattern on a few easter eggs?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the visuals here could not be more stunning
i am transported
thank you for this

Valerianna said...

acornmoon - hadn't thought of that... good idea... if I decorate any eggs, I'll be sure to paint some spirals!

grace - You're welcome! Where did you go, I wonder?

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

I really love those photos of the water, the patterns of light, the rushing river. I've often thought about how concentric circles occur so often in nature, in water, in wood, even in stone... a very enjoyable post!