Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Spiral Dance of Seasons

Autumn and winter danced in a spiral in and out and back again. Amber jeweled
beech leaves hung from branches, but winter could not wait and flung October 
aside for a spell. I grieved the end of the orange days, for the forest is a magical 
cathedral when the rusty beeches take center stage. Two feet of snow fell the day 
before Samhain, and we in the higher elevations were the lucky ones for a change 
with lots of dry snow and not many power outages. 

Then all of a sudden spring came, with temperatures in the 60's, and the 
amber orange beeches reclaimed their moment with a vibrant glare at winter. 

Inside, warm-toned wood and walls and collections echoed 
the forest's celebration, and I wandered, noticing. 

The green mantle of mosses sparkled, and Pasha and I enjoyed sitting 
in the unusual warmth and bright sunshine. 

One morning, on my early morning journey to school, I had to work at 
keeping on as a magical mist hung in the valleys.  

Having fretted just a tad with a forest full of snow, the speedy spring-like melt was  
welcome and a cottage has sprouted in the clearing. Soon, but not soon enough for 
me, a roof and windows and doors and all the rest will be in place. I'm very much
looking forward to the break between semesters, for there are shelves and tables 
to be built and enchantments to be conjured and much, much gratitude to be stirred 
into paint buckets and sung into the wood of this new place. 


Kate said...

These are great photos! And they tell such a lovely story.<3

Ms. said...

Lovely to have this trip through your world on a full moon night. The photographs enchant, and I've been meaning to ask if your wonderful cat is a Maine Coon? Well, may you be having sweet dreams of your finished home tonight. I'll be in Western Massachusetts and away from the internet next Monday to stay till the 30th, but without transportation (I take the train and friends pick me up), otherwise I would try to visit bearing gifts. Perhaps when your new home is finished and the weather kind someday. The snow looks beautiful (but it turned the power off for ten days for my friends-all restored now-and it warned them their generator wasn't working so that's good--they will fix it and have it if they really really need it.) I'm looking forward to a wood fire and a hot tub, and stars. Be well you magical being. Michelle

stregata said...

Your photos are enchanting - such a magical forest, where you live. Loved listening to your voice in the earlier post...

Donna~Q~ said...

Absolutely lovely photos and such a delightfully lyrical description of the seasons. This turn of the wheel, there is a spiral within a spiral! Always glad to take a virtual walk with you and Pasha :~) Looking forward to hearing more about your new cabin!

ArtPropelled said...

Great to peer through the trees and see progress. I can almost smell the new floor boards and sawdust. No wonder you are eager to get going! Glad you have a burst of colour and sunshine after the snow fall.

gz said...

There are times when you just need to stop on a journey and soak in the sight and the feel of it.
The weather is indecisive here too- at least it gives you a chance to get your new home finished

Nancy said...

This post...your walking us through your a journey I love to take every time.
Just one word...beautiful :)
Thank you.

Rowan said...

Lovely photos, we too have had the glory of the autumn beech leaves and the mist shrouded moors but so far,I'm happy to say, no snow:) I really enjoy seeing the photographs of the beautiful place where you live.i

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - love to see your part of the world through your eyes.. Have a great Sunday, Inge

Charlotte said...

Good morning to you, thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of the places around you. The seasons are not happy with us at the moment, but despite that they offer us beauty at all times.

The spirals of the ploughed field are lovely, it is the sort of photo my husband takes.

Blessings to you,

Valerianna said...

Kate - I love visual stories!

Ms. - Have a great visit and soak in the hot tub... you could whisper a hello to the trees and they'll tell me you're close. And not a new home, a new STUDIO!

Stregata - the forest grabbed me and pulled me to live here with its magic.

Donna ~Q~ Its a new studio, large enough to teach in.... RavenWood Forest Studio of Mythic & Environmental Arts. You can read a bit about it in "Grounding a Dream", a few posts ago.

ArtPropelled - Eager, and also in the decision making process - what color walls, stain, etc. etc. Exciting and also exciting to dream what it will be like to make art in there!

gz- Yes, the builders were quite happy with a week of warmth and sunshine... not usually that pleasant to work outside all day in November.

Nancy - thank you!

Rowan - Seems the climate is surely shifting... and I'm not at all ready to move from RavenWood, this cottage is my new studio, tucked in a clearing near the house.

Inge - Its wood stacking on the schedule today, but luckily its sunny and not too, too cold and Pasha will keep me company running up and down nearby trees.

Charlotte - I went back and looked at the spiral fields... so funny, I'm so focussed on the mists obscuring the trees that I didn;t look so very hard at that detail. Now I see and I like it. Another spiraling thing to play with... Thanks for pointing it out!

steufel said...

Oh my, those pics are amazing. Love the mood they have and looking at them I feel peaceful!

Els said...

Thanks Valerianna for this lovely insight of your place and surroundings !!! These photos are really wonderful, as if I could walk a bit around over there ...
The new place is coming together nicely !
(Pascha must be a very happy cat living out there with you ....)

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

Enchantment and bewitchment...a stroll through the mind and soul and a true magician and a companion bring the warmth in/out to be returned to the hearth.

ramona said...

Amazing chain of events regarding weather. Exquisite shadows.

Heather said...

Ahhhh, your pictures leave me breathless!!! It is a very rich time of year, that transition from brilliance into soft depths of subtle colour. You capture it well.

layers said...

My goodness, you already had an early snow.. but all your orange and red glory of autumn is back.. so many beautiful images here. thank you for wishing me a good trip to Japan.. I did have a wonderful time.

Margaret Johnson said...

Such beautiful images, such beautiful words. I love coming to your page and soaking up the beauty. Your studio is going to be a special place, such a serene setting. I too am moved by a forest. Lovely to share.

bright star said...

I enjoyed this post very much,lovely photos and story. Hope all goes well with the new home and you still find time to post !

Tammie Lee said...

such a gorgeous strand of glimpses into your world, so many seasons within a short period of time. your photos are awesome.

right now my world is snowy and cold. a transition time of year.....

your new building looks awesome

Unknown said...

Mmmm, such beauty! love from sus and ww

Velma Bolyard said...

woohoo!!!! wowie zowie. you have a srtructure. huge congratulations!

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful post! You have as much an eye for capturing the beauty of the forest in your photos as in your watercolours!
Bright Blessings

Valerianna said...

steufel - thanks, this forest sets a very peaceful mood most of the time.

Els - come walk anytime! And this week the progress is slower on the studio... rain yesterday and they aren't here today for some reason? Oh well, patience, patience! Pasha is happy, especially on days I am home and he can be out!

henrietta - I'm sitting at the hearth this morning... watching fire catch.

ramona - I had a great time finding those shadows, glad you noticed!

Heather - yes, a magical time of year. All of a sudden, everything has turned brown...

layers - oh, glad you had a good time in Japan, I'd love to go sometime. My nephew goes quite regularly.

Margaret Johnson - I can;t WAIT for the studio to be finished! And I thought long and hard about where to site it. Tucked into the forest on one side and open to the south on the other, its perfect!

Angela - I'm sure I'll still find time to post. Especially cause I'll be so excited to share how the interior of the studio develops!

Tammie - thanks! I'm glad we have a slight respite from the snow and cold so that the studio can move along quickly...

susan - thanks!

Velma - ya, can't hardly STAND IT! (the waiting)

Nikiah - thanks!

Jo Potter said...

Gorgeous photos. The snow and the vibrant autumn colours are lovely.
The forest is so magical where you live and it is wonderful to see that you are building a new fairy cottage!
How I wish I could live there. ;-)

Blessings and good wishes.

Olivia said...

What a fun journey through your forest and world in the woods. Beautiful photos with popping oranges and red-- so autumnal yet out of place with the snowy background. Reading this post, it was like I was back in Raven Wood.

Lisbeth Williams said...

Thanks soooo much for visiting my blog, and telling me bits about yourself. Yes, I can see what you mean about the photos. Kindred spirits!!! Will return. Will link to. Have a great weekend! //cheers from Sweden

Barry said...

VA- thanks so much for sharing this glimpse into your forest and cottage. I can see why you are so excited about getting the time to turn the cottage into a nurturing place before winter encroaches again. May all the building, conjuring etc go well. B

Sophie Munns said...

Gorgeous post Valerianna!
I could understand that end of loss of the fall gone too amazing you had that return of warmer weather.
The cottage looks wonderful... how fabulous that its coming
along...i look forward dot reading more on this...
and thankyou for you lovely words when I was travelling... finally getting to visit the blogosphere after having to let it slide on the road!
Best to you,

Penny Berens said...

A post full of so many riches and inspiration. Love the owls and the new cottage looks so welcoming nestled in those trees.