Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Bit of Forest Magic

One warm and quiet afternoon, I wandered in the forest, listening to the  
fading cricket chorus, and playing with my camera in hopes of 
finding the magic that is found here. 

Recent rainfall brought the mosses to life, 

and the light revealed the hidden truth: that, truly, I wander
in a cathedral, the windows clearly visible. 

We've been visited by the deer of late,

and the slow transformation of plants is a wonder to behold. 

Speaking of transformation, Rhu has become quite used 
to romping and climbing outside, and has gained a few pounds 
in a month! Still he's mostly supervised while out, but now 
and again he has a wee bit of alone time when I'm inside 
for a bit or am about to follow him out. 

He LOVES climbing trees! This hemlock is his favorite - and was also 
Pasha's - because of the low, sweeping branches that he can follow 
all the way down to the moss. 

He sometimes seems like a very young kitten, 

and sometimes like a wild and powerful adult. 

The maple trees add a bit of color to the patio, a 
last hurrah before the snows come and cover it until spring. 

 Out and about, there are glorious views of autumn's sparkling 
skies and the branching patterns of trees who have let their 
leaves go. 

At school, I've been teaching my students how to eco-dye paper 
with plants. Not that I am an expert, no, I was one step ahead, 
and had some pointers from Velma over at Wake Robin, and, of 
course, plenty of inspiration and ideas from India Flint

The results of the first vat:

My sample, it has since faded a bit, but still has some magic. 

The assignment I gave my students was that the eco-dyed paper must 
be used as a raw material/surface for a number of explorations. 
Here is Miranda's drawings and other experiments underway. 
I'm excited to see what they come up with for the 
critique next Wednesday. If you want a more timely 
update of the results, find my studio Facebook page
come like me there!

As the light faded last evening, the brilliant leaves were no longer 
visible, but the sky carried on the enchantment until the stars 
began to twinkle. 


jude said...

wow, the paper came out great.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Love the windows in the trees and your sweet kitty looks every part the master of his domain.
Your students are so lucky to be experimenting with these dye techniques.. It must be so satisfying to see them explore.

Lynn said...

Magic. You found it alright, Valerianna.
Wonderful to see Rhu getting familiar with the forest.
Brilliant paper dying results! Love seeing them all lined up there. Your students are indeed very lucky in their teacher.

ELFI said...

un beau travail un tigre dans la forêt...:))))

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

A very happy post. Your kitty is really finding his place. The paper is beautiful and the paths are serene. Lovely.

thewiildmagnola said...

opening the world of otherness is good for our soul. the paper is gorgeous. a wonder result!

Rhu is perfect. Perfect. ❤️

Happy winter.......though it is not quite here yet.

Mo Crow said...

Oh my goodness Rhu is a magnificat!

Suz said...

what a beautiful puss

Velma Bolyard said...

lovely for ticks...tis the season and you have deer...and on a POSITIVE note, those students are dancing!

Valerianna said...

They're liking it, Jude!

Valerianna said...

Yes, Gwen, I love seeing my students as they discover new ways to create magic in the studio!

Valerianna said...

I'm lucky to be able to teach what I want to after 20 years at the same university. In this class in particular, I get to really have fun.

Valerianna said...

A rather small tiger, Elfi!

Valerianna said...

He is definitely finding his place, Carol, he LOVES being outside. Only trouble is he must be inside a lot still until he's a bit older. Sometimes he's challenged with that!

Valerianna said...

Its only starting to feel like autumn now and again, Sandra... today was oddly warm and humid. Rhu may be perfect, but he is also sometimes a TERROR KITTEN!

Valerianna said...

He's a love, Mo Crow, a love, and sometimes I call him RHUNIATION, like when he's climbing to the top of shelves and knocking vases off and such!

Valerianna said...

... and very lovey and sometimes very naughty. I guess that's what kittens are about.

Valerianna said...

Students are having fun. Can't wait to see the big reveal with the finished work tomorrow! I'm always watching for ticks, found one walking on me the other day... I'll be glad when they are down for the season.

Barry said...

Hi VA - so many gorgeous images - but loved the magic forest movement. Bet the kids loved the magic of the eco dying. Rhu seems to be part of the landscape - that is good. Go well. B

Caterina Giglio said...

Hi Val.. Your forest magic and transformations are wonderful.. As are the Eco dyed papers..

Unknown said...

your home is magical :)

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Oh just look at him! What a big strong boy he is becoming. He looks part of the forest already. I'm so happy for you Valerianna!

Talking of woods and forests, I have a similar themed post over at mine ...


layers said...

It is amazing how you were able to transfer all those beautiful fall leaves and colors onto your eco dyed papers... so beautiful. And I love moss too...

Tammie Lee said...

I love this: truly, I wander in a cathedral
so many wonderful photos of arts and autumn and your kitty
sweet autumn to you ~

ArtPropelled said...

It looks as though Rhu belongs there and how wonderful to see him in Pasha's hemlock tree.

Umā said...

What a fun looking technique!

Yvette said...

enough said i think
just sigh and connection
love you cat woman

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love your blog! Reading about Pasha made fresh tears fall as I have been dealing with grief over losing beloved kitties too. How blessed you are to have Rhu in your life now. My remaining furry marshmallows would never venture out as he does. We have quite a large family of crows that soar overhead and I so love to hear them calling to one another. How lucky you are to be living in the woods! Your beautiful art speaks of how inspired you are by it.
Thank you for sharing.
Many blessings to you and Rhu Bear.
Lorianna (Pixsie to my friends) :)