Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mending mountain laurel fences and 3 silent ravens...

altars, altars everywhere

mossy path
afternoon woods walk with Pasha cat
Afternoon sunshine came today after a cool and rainy morning. Warm sun and wet green mosses called me out for a short walk in the forest, a lovely contrast to school prep and bill paying of the morning. When rain soaks the woodlands, mosses and hemlocks come alive with vibrant color and dancing drops. I love walking here just after a good rain, the ground a spongy carpet of decay and growth all at once. Pasha cat and I surprised a trio of ravens from the forest floor, probably drinking in one of the still pools. Their dark shapes glided past rain-gilded trees, low and mysterious in uncharacteristic silence. A few moments later, they changed directions and flew back the way they had come, disappearing into the tapestry of hemlock greens and browns. 

mended mountain laurel fence
early spring in the main garden
moss garden
Early spring here is one grand push to remove leaves from the moss garden. I love the zen-like simplicity there before the ferns and star flowers pop up and take over. There is a calm and gentle sweetness of soft-covered stones and feathery hemlock branches moving in the breeze. Morning tea-time lingers on in warm sunshine, Pasha cat checking in now and again to report on his forest rounds and rodent hunting. I had some help raking last weekend, so I am earlier than ever in cleaning up my little clearing. Sunday I mended my twisty mountain laurel fence. Its a bit wilder than before, marking the boundary between the front of the house and the transition to the moss garden

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